Benefits of Social Media for Business

Over the last decade, social media has changed the way that people communicate, share information, and play games. Social media has also helped businesses connect with existing customers while introducing new consumers to their products and services.

in 2013, about 86% of marketers said that social media was important for their businesses. Just one year later, that number grew to 92%. A quick look at the numbers shows why social media networks have become increasing important for business success.
The average Internet user in the United States spends about 37 minutes per day using social media sites. Facebook is currently the leader. At the beginning of 2015, Facebook had nearly 1.5 billion active users. That’s 71% of adults who use the Internet.
Other sites might not have as many members, but their numbers are growing quickly. About 23% of online adults use Twitter. LinkedIn members account for 28% of online adults.
These numbers should compel every business owner and manager to think carefully about how social media marketing can benefit them.

Social media can give you the opportunity to improve your brand identity, reach new customers, and communicate with potential customers. Using these platforms in the right way, however, takes experience. You won’t get good results by using a business’s Facebook profile to create a few posts.

At The Social Savior, our professionals have the experience to make social media work for you. Here are a few of the benefits we can help you and your business achieve.

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